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Changing My major: If you are planning on changing your major, please meet with your advisor or come by the CAE in Mabee Student Success building and complete a Change of Major form.  

Choosing a Major: Still not sure what you want to major in? Visit our Career Service office. Complete their career assessment or interest inventory to help narrow potential careers.   

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Core Requirements: 


There are core courses that are required for every degree plan at UMHB. Throughout the succeeding degree requirements, certain core courses have been grouped into categories. The following is a breakdown of these groupings. 

Degree Requirements: 

Fine Arts—Art, Drama/Theatre, and Music  


Global Issues: (The following ENGL courses may not be used by English Majors to meet the Global Issues requirement)  

BADM 3311 Global Competition and International Business   

BECO 4342 Contemporary Economic Issues   

CSCH 4311 Antisemitism, Christianity, and the Holocaust  

ENGL 2370 Literature and Social Consciousness  

ENGL 2336 Global Perspectives  

ENGL 3335 Contemporary Global Literature  

EXSS 2353 Lifespan Nutrition (Theory Course)  

PSYC 4330 Multicultural Psychology  

or any social science course 


Natural Sciences—Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Geology, and Physics Scientific Inquiry: BIOL 2301 Endangered Species  

ENGR 2301 The Effects of Climate Change  

PSYC 2314 Psychological Methods  

SOCW 4312 Social Work Research I  

or any natural science course Social Sciences—Archaeology, Criminal Justice, Economics, History, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work, and Sociology  


World Ideas: (The following HIST courses may not be used by History Majors to meet the World Ideas requirement)  

ARCH 4345 Archaeology of Syria-Palestine  

ARTS 2351 Art History I  

ARTS 2352 Art History II  

ENGL 2330 Classical Influences  

HIST 1311 History of World Civilizations to 1500  

HIST 1312 History of World Civilizations since 1500  

HIST 2340 Historical Inquiry, Research, and Method  

HIST 3362 History of Latin America  

HIST 3370 History of England to 1707  

HIST 3371 History of Great Britain Since 1707  

HIST 4313 History of Western Political Thought Through the Enlightenment  

HIST 4314 History of Western Political Thought from the Nineteenth Century to the Present  

HIST 4340 Ancient Greece & Hellenistic World  

HIST 4342 Roman Empire & Medieval World  

HIST 4371 19th Century Europe, 1815-1914  

HIST 4375 Twentieth Century Europe  

HIST 4376 Early Modern Europe, Renaissance to 1789  

MUSI 3358 World Music  

POLS 2315 Comparative Political Systems  

or any Philosophy course