Student Success


GradesFirst is an academic support system run through the CAE. GradesFirst serves as an Early Alert system for freshmen, student athletes, and students who may need additional support. It also is our tutoring management center.

Tutoring appointments are scheduled and monitored through GradesFirst.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I being monitored through GradesFirst?

GradesFirst monitors students who may need additional support during a semester. This includes all freshmen, student athletes, and students who have been placed on academic probation. By monitoring these students through GradesFirst, we are ensuring that students are supported by a network of caring professionals who are alerted if a student may need academic help.

I was marked at risk, what does this mean?

If you were marked at risk, that faculty member is concerned that you are struggling in that class.  Being marked at risk does not mean that you will fail the class, but that there is a possibility of this happening. If you have questions about this, contact the faculty member. This report's purpose is to alert you early if there is a problem, and allows you time to remedy the situation so you can be successful in the class.

What should I do if I am marked at risk?

If you are marked at risk and have questions, talk with your professor. Your professor fills out the report, and will be able to clear up confusion. Read the comments, many professors will give insight to steps that should be taken to be successful in the class; take time to read and follow the suggested steps. Get tutoring-it’s free. If you are being marked at risk, come to the CAE and talk with a Student Success Specialist, or meet with a tutor. Both of these resources can increase your likeliness of finishing the semester successfully.

Who can see my GradesFirst reports?

GradesFirst reports are confidential. A student may request to access their own GradesFirst requests, and are notified through email if they are marked at risk. Other than the student, only UMHB employees with an academic interest can access a student’s GradesFirst information. These employees include, deans, advisors, CAE staff, and coaches.

How do I log into GradesFirst?

UMHB’s GradesFirst website can be found here Each student and faculty member can have access to GradesFirst, but not everyone has been given access. If you would like access to GradesFirst, please email the CAE and they can grant you immediate access to your information.

As a faculty member, what can I do with GradesFirst?

Advisors can reap great benefits from GradesFirst. Contact Katie Bonner to receive a powerpoint presentation that can walk you through the features of GradesFirst. 

Who do I contact if I have questions about GradesFirst?

Katie Bonner is the system administrator for UMHB’s GradesFirst system. Please feel free to call or email Katie if you experience GradesFirst issues.