Student Success

Guidelines for Advising

Guidelines for Advising Interactions

Meeting with the student for the first time

  1. Put a face to the name
  2. Share contact information and office hours
  3. Talking Points
    1. Icebreaker - get to know students personally
    2. Go over responsibilities of advisors and advisees
    3. Share four-year plan and explain that the degree plan will be issued by the Registrar during spring term
  4. Provide any other advising and departmental resources


Following Up - Preparing for Registration

  1. Check on academic progress
    1. How is the student doing in their courses?
    2. What does GradesFirst say?
    3. What concerns have come up this semester?
    4. What kind of support does the student need this semester?
  2. Prepare for registration
    1. Does the student understand and feel comfortable with the degree plan?
    2. Does the student need anything else to prepare for the next semester?


The "Final" Step - Registration

  1. Questions to ask the student
    1. Have you thought about your classes for next semester?
    2. Are you going to pass your classes this semester?
    3. Are you aware of registration dates?
    4. Are your courses on your degree plan?
  2. Answer any questions or guide student to make informed decisions regarding their next semester classes