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Making the Most of Your SI Session

SI only works if you attend SI the right way!  Here are some tips that will make your attendance at SI most effective:

  • Attend class regularly! SI provides support for the course, but it is not meant to replace attending class or talking with your professor.
  • Come to SI at least once per week! SI most benefits those who come on a weekly basis. If you wait to come to only the SI sessions right before the exam…you will probably receive only minimal benefits. 
  • Come on time and ready to devote your full attention to this study session! Always bring your textbook and class notes to SI.
  • Come to SI ready to participate in the activities! To really learn course material you have to be active by practicing, discussing, applying, and inquiring about what you are learning!
  • Always come to SI having reviewed the previous week’s material. Go over the previous week’s notes, read the assigned readings and work on any assigned problems, or homework!
  • Be encouraging and supportive of other students when they are speaking during SI, but don’t be afraid to evaluate and give constructive feedback on other students’ work!
  • Use the strategies used in SI in your own studying at home!
  • Use SI as an opportunity to meet other students and form your own study groups!