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College is an unforgettable time in your life, and the CAE is a great place to help you get started on the road to academic excellence! You will soon discover that college is a different learning experience than high school, and your study habits may not be adequate to meet the demands of your college classes.

On average, students study 0-2 hours a week while preparing for their high school classes, but college courses will require 2-3 hours of study per class. Perhaps you found in high school that you seldom had to read assignments because often listening in class was enough, but this typically doesn’t work in college. In college, you must read your textbooks, your class notes, and any extra material your professor may post on myCampus in order to be successful. If you find yourself wanting to improve in any of these areas, please use the links below, or feel free to make an appointment with a Student Success Specialist. We are here to help YOU!