Student Success

Our Responsibilities

The Students' Responsibilities

The ultimate responsibility for academic success at UMHB and decisions and actions made during a student’s time at UMHB, belongs to the student.
  • Make informed decisions.
  • Register for their classes in a timely manner.
  • Obtain the necessary information for selecting and planning their courses.
  • Make time to meet with their advisors.
  • Communicate honestly with their academic advisor.
  • Regularly reflect on the academic and financial consequences of their decisions.

The Advisors' Responsibilities

Advisors are responsible for guiding students through their time at UMHB and helping them make informed decisions regarding their success.
  • Assist students through this learning process by having regular interactions with students at key points during their academic careers.
  • Be available on a regular basis for consultation and encourage students to make and keep regular advising appointments.
  • Monitor the academic progress of their advisees.
  • Encourage students to consult available material related to their program and career choice.
  • Encourage students to reflect on the academic and financial consequences of their decisions about degree programs and course-taking plans.
  • Assist students to set realistic career goals that extend beyond their time at UMHB.
  • Encourage students to incorporate their basic values and beliefs into their decision making process. 

The University's Responsibilities

The university is responsible for providing the framework for students, faculty, and staff to support effective advising.
  • Provide information to help students and their advisors make informed and timely decisions.
  • Provide adequate resources of personnel, funding and facilities to support the advising process.
  • Clearly communicate to advisors and students the policies and options regarding student financial aid.
  • Regularly evaluate the policies and procedures surrounding advising to improve the advising process on an ongoing basis.
  • Provide training to help both advisors and students work more effectively together.