Student Success

SI Leaders

  • Are students who have excelled in their courses and come highly recommended by their professors.
  • Attend intensive and on-going training on conducting SI sessions and how to facilitate student learning effectively.
  • Are supervised by a trained professional staff at the Center for Academic Excellence.
  • Are themselves students in the course in that they attend class, take notes, participate in class activities and do assigned readings.

What can you expect in SI sessions?

       SI leaders generally come prepared with something for the students to do. Such as:

  • Working in teams on practice quizzes.
  • Learning problem solving techniques.
  • How to take, review and organize your notes effectively.
  • Predicting test questions and learning more about the kinds of questions that may appear on exams or quizzes.
  • Activities to help you learn the language (vocabulary) of the discipline.
  • Critical reviews of your exams to help you tailor your studying to fix common test-taking problems.
  • SI Leaders DO NOT re-teach or re-lecture. They are trained to facilitate learning.

Interested in being in SI Leader? 

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