Student Success


Welcome to the Crusader family! While transferring to a new school can be intimidating at times we hope that you will find UMHB a helpful place to get connected. As you adjust to your new environment take advantage of new personal, academic and professional opportunities. UMHB is committed to helping students through this new transition.

Top 10 List

  1. Meet with your Advisor to verify transfer courses and your new degree plan.
  2. Attend Welcome Week for Transfer students
  3. Don’t be shy. Smile, say hello, introduce yourself, and ask questions. Before you know it this strange new world will feel like home. The character growth that happens will be valuable both in college and your career.
  4. Get plugged in with Campus Activities Board
  5. Participate in Intramurals
  6. Grow Spiritually
  7. Attend Job Fairs
  8. Join a Club
  9. Monitor your own academic progress. Speak up at the first sign of uncertainty in your new classes. Talk with your professors. They are always willing to help your learning be a success.
  10. Get to know your professors. Visit with them during their office hours. You may soon need graduate school or career recommendations from professors in your major and you haven’t had the leisurely four years to get to know them as others may have.