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On-campus tutoring

Free tutoring is available on-campus to all undergraduate students during the Fall and Spring semesters.

Tutors have been recommended by faculty in their subject area and complete required areas of tutor training to ensure that they are highly qualified to serve our student body.

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Online tutoring

If you aren’t able to connect with a tutor in person we now offer online tutoring through Connect with an expert online tutor now for 24/7 help.

Online tutoring is available to all undergraduate and graduate students. Writing help is also available for all subjects, including Graduate-level courses.

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No-Show and Cancellation Policy

The Center for Academic Excellence relies on the punctuality and consistency of our students in order to continue to provide critical resources.

Unfortunately, our ability to provide those services to students is sometimes hampered when students book appointments with our tutors and then do not arrive for their appointments without formally canceling. When students do not show up for their appointments, other students lose the benefit of scheduling an appointment.

As such, the Center for Academic Excellence has formally adopted policies concerning No Show violations and late Cancellations. All students utilizing the services of the CAE agree to abide by these policies and agree to the consequences of policy violations.

No Shows

Students with tutoring appointments have ten minutes to arrive for their intended appointment. If the student does not arrive within ten minutes of the appointment’s scheduled start time, the student will be considered a No Show. Tutors are no longer obligated to meet with a student who arrives more than ten minutes late for his/her session, but they may still choose to do so at their discretion and if no other student is waiting to work with a tutor.


Students are advised to cancel within 24 hours of their appointment’s scheduled start time. However, the Center for Academic Excellence recognized that sometimes advanced notice is not possible. Appointments cancelled within two hours of the appointment’s scheduled start time are considered Late Cancellations which is treated as a No Show.

If a student has a total of two No Shows their remaining appointments will be canceled. This could be a combination one No Show and one Late Cancellation, two Late Cancellations or two No Shows. The student then must go to the CAE to reschedule their appointments if they would like.  

To cancel an appointment, please call the CAE at 254-295-4928. If no one answers, please leave your cancellation notice on our voice mail. You may also email the CAE at or respond to your email notification of your appointment.


Students will not be unfairly penalized for unsuccessful cancellation attempts that may result due to internal communication or staff errors.