Student Success

Tutoring Services

Free tutoring is available for all undergraduate students at UMHB. Tutors have been recommended by faculty in their subject area and complete required areas of tutor training to ensure that they are highly qualified to serve our student body.

The CAE is a level one certified tutoring program through the College Reading and Learning Association’s International Tutor Certification Program.

How can tutoring benefit you?

While working with a tutor you can clarify concepts, check and confirm understanding of lecture notes, get help with confusing homework, review notes and readings, discuss ideas, and prep for tests. Our goal is to help you become a better student!

If you would like to make an appointment for tutoring please email or call 254-295-4475.

Come prepared

The tutor’s goal is to help you gain a deeper knowledge of your subject and become an independent learner. The best way for this to happen is for you to come to your tutoring appointment prepared.

What does being prepared look like?

  • Arrive on time.
  • Bring your textbook, notes, and homework. The tutor will not do your homework for you. Complete as much of your homework as you understand. Your tutor will start with what you know and then help you think through what you don’t understand.
  • Come ready to ask questions!
  • The tutor cannot help edit your paper while it is on your computer. Please print out your paper before you ask a tutor to help you edit it.
  • Be mindful of others. Please silence your cell phones and step into the hallway if you must answer a call.